Best GATE Preparation Books for Analog and Digital Electronics Books GATE 2022

Best GATE Preparation Books for Analog and Digital Electronics Books GATE 2022

1-Best GATE Preparation Books for Analog and Digital Electronics Circuit and Systems | 2nd Edition Paperback by Jacob Millman, Christos Halkias, Chetan Parikh (Best GATE Preparation Books)

Best GATE Preparation Books for Analog and Digital Electronics

Analog and Digital Electronics Books for GATE 2022

analog and digital electronics Millman’s Integrated Electronics – An This thoroughly revised and updated edition of Millman’s Integrated Electronics brings in state-of-the-art information about electronic circuits and technology. Enriched with new, up-to-date topical coverage and enhanced pedagogy including circuit-simulation problems, this classic book offers an enlightening experience to the readers.

A great book. It gives a crash course in Electromagnetic theory that is relevant to electronics for the first couple of chapters and does a great job with explanations with diagrams and figures. However, this book is not for beginners in the study of electronics. It expects the reader to already have a grasp in adding component values in series and parallel along with Kirchoff  loops. The reader must also know the behaviors of capacitors, inductors, and resistors before picking up this book.

2-Electronic Devices and Circuits Paperback by J.B. Gupta (Best GATE Preparation Books)

analog and digital electronics

Electronic Devices and Circuits by J B Gupta explains the concepts of electrical components and circuits. Electronic circuits consist of inductors, diodes, resistors, capacitors, and transistors. They are then connected through wires to ensure that electric current flows. Complex operations like computations, data transfer, and amplification of signals can be then effectively performed. The book informs readers about the types of circuits, which can be analog, digital, or a combination.

A novice student needs to understand and comprehend the workings of the electronic device. This book, with the aid, of examples, concise definitions, clear methodologies, graphics, and maps shows readers how easy this subject is to comprehend. The book starts from the basics, by first showing the connection between electronic instrumentation and physics. It continues by explaining in detail what semiconductor mechanisms and circuits do. Readers learn how the contact of two semiconductors or bipolar junction transistors works. One needs to figure the mechanisms of field-effect transistors that carry out the single operation of transmitting electrical charge, from the source to the sap. Various power apparatuses, logic gate, Boolean algebra, and the cathode ray oscilloscope are some topics that have been discussed and explained in the book.
Electronic Devices and Circuits presents a series of questions and answers that serve as key aids to college students too. Evaluation questions, unanswered problems, and intentional questions are there to challenge the reader further. Each chapter picks on a specific part of electronic devices and suitably explains its workings and critical concepts. The reprint 2013 edition of this book was published by S K Kataria and Sons, as a paperback in 2013.

Key Features:-

This book is useful for electrical, computer, and instrumentation engineering students.

Such a nice book for M.Sc Physics, electronics students Point to point topics, easy language, well explanation & easy to understand.

Total 43 chapters so most of the electronics subjects are covered. After every chapter, there are highlights to do the revision of the subject and some objective questions also to do practice no need to buy question bank separately.

3-Analog and Digital Electronics Paperback by Sanjay Agrawal Sonveer Singh (Best GATE Preparation Books )

analog and digital electronics

The study of analog and digital Electronics is essential for students pursuing degrees in Electrical, electronics, computer science, or information technology. Analog and Digital Electronics are found in a broad range of applications within these disciplines, from analog circuit design to digital circuit design and analysis. This book deals with the theory and practices of analog and digital Electronics. It starts with the basics of electronics and goes on to discuss special types of diodes, BJT and FET transistors, amplifiers, and finally ends up with the coverage of oscillators and power in digital circuits.

4-Analog and Digital Electronics Paperback by Jr./Larry L. Kinney/Raghunandan G. H. Charles H. Roth (Best GATE Preparation Books)

analog and digital electronics

concepts are discussed. Numerous examples based on the concepts enable the readers to understand the subject clearly. This book covers the syllabus of major universities with a systematic presentation. The book comprises of two parts, namely, part A: analog electronics – which covers 9 chapters, and Part B: digital Electronics – which covers 13 chapters. Each br>Unit consists of objectives that state precisely what the student is expected to learn, followed by the concepts, solved problems, review questions, and also real-time applications to make the concepts clear. The students learn, both, theory and its application. Additional study material, answers to review questions, and lab Manual are provided in the Cengage app.
A very useful book is easy to understand the analog and digital electronics concepts. It covers almost all major university syllabus.

5-Analog and Digital Electronics Paperback by Dr. Sanjay Sharma (Best GATE Preparation Books)

analog and digital electronics

6-Analog and Digital Electronics for BE VTU Course 18 OBE & CBCS (III- CSE -18CS33) Paperback by U. A. Bakshi A. P. Godse (Best GATE Preparation Books)

analog and digital electronics

Chapter – 1 Optoelectronic Devices Chapter – 2 BJT Biasing Chapter – 3 Multivibrators using IC 555 Chapter – 4 Operational Amplifier Application Circuits Chapter – 5 Voltage Regulators Chapter – 6 D/A Conversion and A/D Conversion Chapter – 7 Karnaugh Maps and Quine McCluskey Method Chapter – 8 Combinational Circuit Design and Simulation using Gates Chapter – 9 Multiplexers, Decoders, and Programmable Logic Devices Chapter – 10 Introduction to VHDL Chapter – 11 Latches and Flip-Flops Chapter – 12 Analysis and Design of Clocked Sequential Circuits Chapter – 13 Registers Chapter – 14 Counters Solved Model Question Paper.

7-Analog and Digital Electronics Paperback by S. Salivahanan, S. Arivazhagan (Best GATE Preparation Books)

analog and digital electronics

Analog and digital Electronics is designed specifically to cater to the needs of third semester students of B.Tech In computer science and engineering, JNTU. The book has a perfect blend of focused content and complete coverage as per the syllabus. Simple, easy-to-understand and difficult-jargon-free text elucidates the fundamentals of analog and digital Electronics. Several solved examples, including circuit diagrams and adequate questions further help students understand and apply the concepts. Few highlights: comprehensive syllabus coverage as per latest pattern lucid presentation style rich pool of pedagogy: illustrative examples and review questions.

8-Decode – Analog and Digital Electronics for JNTU-H 18 Course (II – I – CSE – CS301ES)

analog and digital electronics

9-Analog Electronics Paperback by A. K. Maini (Best GATE Preparation Books)

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Chapter-1 – semiconductor diodes-fundamentals, types circuits; Chapter-2 – bipolar junction transistors; Chapter-3 – field-effect transistors; Chapter-4 – small-signal analysis of amplifiers Chapter-5 – large signal amplifiers Chapter-6 – feedback amplifiers; Chapter-7 – oscillators- sinusoidal non-sinusoidal Chapter-8 – building blocks of operational amplifiers; Chapter-9 – applications of operational amplifiers; Chapter-10 – digital-to-analog analog-to-digital converters; Chapter-11 – switched capacitor circuits; illustrated glossary; review questions problems; objective type questions answers.

10-Analog Electronics – GATE, PSUS and ES Examination Paperback by Karna Satish K. (Best GATE Preparation Books)

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About the Book:
The book Analog Electronics—GATE, PSUs, and ES Examination has been designed after much consultation with the students preparing for these competitive examinations. A must-buy for students preparing for GATE, PSUs, and ES examinations, the book will be a good resource for students of BE/B.Tech programs in the electronics engineering, electrical engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, and instrumentation engineering branches too. It will also be useful for undergraduate students of sciences.
Key Features :
The interweaving of numerous solved examples to provide a 360-degree grip on concepts.
A variety of MCQs such as matching type, assertion-reason, and linked type questions.
Precisely segregated and accurately solved ‘; original problems’ from previous examinations.
Table of Content :
Semiconductor Transport Mechanism
PN Junction Diode and their Characteristics
Bipolar Junction Transistor and its Characteristics
Field Effect Transistor and their Characteristics
IC Fabrication
Power Electronic Devices and Op to Electronics
BJT Biasing and Thermal Stabilization
Small Signal Analysis of BJT
FET Biasing and Small Signal Analysis
Power Amplifier
Multistage Amplifier
Feedback Amplifier
Operational Amplifier
Wave Shaping
Non-Sinusoidal Waveform
Power Supply

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