Microprocessor B tech Paper 2020 CSJM Kanpur University


Microprocessor B tech Paper 2020 CSJM Kanpur University



ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING                                                         MM:40

SUB: MICROPROCESSOR CODE: ECE-S 304/401                                                             TIME: 03Hrs 

Note – Attempt all Sections as directed.

                                                                Section- A

Note-All questions are compulsory. Each question carries 2 marks.

Q 1- Explain in brief the working of the instruction XTHL with example & also find the machine Cycle &T states.

Q 2- Draw a schematic with an explanation to demultiplex the bus AD7- AD0 using D type latch 74LS373.

Q 3- write program to generate a square wave of frequency 2 kHz on Pc6 pin of 8255. System CLK frequency is 3 MHz.

Q 4- Explain the flag register of μP 8086.

Q 5- Explain the various operational command words of 8259.


Note – Attempt any Six questions. Each question carries 3 marks.

Q 6- Design memory with following address range for 8085 system EPROM 8000 TO 8FFFH, RAM A000 TO AFFFH Memory devices available – EPROM 2KX8 AND RAM 4K X4. Use suitable decoder for chip select logic circuit.

Q 7- Draw the timing diagram for instruction IN CD H by showing all the control and status signals.

Q 8- Explain all the internal registers of 8259.

Q 9- Draw the interfacing circuit to connect 7- segment display digit with 8085 using 8255. Also write the program to display E.C.E.( E.C.E in 7– segment display) after every 20 milli- -seconds if system CLK frequency is 3 MHz.

Q 10- Write an ALP in 8086 to find out the average of the elements of an array.

Q 11– What is the function of I(NTA)’ in the operation of 8259? Explain it by suitable example.

Q 12- A block of data is stored in memory from location 2050 H onwards and the length of data block is present in
memory location 204F Write an ALP in 8085 to store all the Even numbers from location 3000 H onwards and store
all the Odd numbers from location 3100 H onwards.
                                                              Section- C
 Note- Attempt any Three questions. Each question carries 4 marks
.Q 13- Explain the various types of Interrupts of μP 8085 and also explain all the instructions which is related to
Interrupt control.
Q 14- Explain, with example, the various addressing modes of μP 8086.
Q 15- Draw the interfacing circuit to connect 12 – bits ADC with 8085 using 8255. Write a program to read digital
(ADC) data using interrupt driven I/O and store the reading in memory from location 2200 H onwards and also
multiply this data and store the result in memory in sequence.
Q 16- Draw the interfacing to connect single 8259 with 8085 system and write the program to initialize 8259 so
that vector location for IR0 will be 9CC0 H. There is 4 byte spacing in vector location and edge-triggered interrupt


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