UIET CSJM University Microprocessor B Tech Paper 2020


UIET CSJM University Microprocessor B Tech Paper 2020


 MICROPROCESSOR (ECE-S304)                                             

SEMESTER:- 5th                                                                         Mid Semester Examination-2020                                       

Time: 1.5 Hrs                                                                                               MM : 20

 Note: Attempt all the questions. A calculator is not allowed.

Q1-If the memory chip size is 256 X1 bits, how many chips are required to make up 1KB of memory?

Q2-The memory address of the last location of a 1KB memory chip is given as FBFF H Specify the memory map.

Q3- Explain the process of Opcode-fetch.

Q4- Calculate the execution time of the instruction LDA Address if the crystal frequency of an 8085 system is 3MHZ.

Q5- Why Special purpose registers are 16 bits? Explain.

Q6- Write an ALP to exchange the 24-bit data of memory locations 3000H onwards and 5000H onwards.

Q7- Write an ALP to add two, 24-bit numbers present in registers B-D-H and L-C-E. Store 25-bit result in memory starting from 4000 H onwards using RIAM instruction. 

Q8- Write an ALP to perform the subtraction X – Y where X & Y are two, 8 bit BCD numbers present in memory from location 4000 H onwards and store the result in memory in sequence.

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